After lunch the group continued climbing. Although it was very hot,snow was everywhere around them. Mihai came to help Camelia. Now, it seemed that she trusted only him. He was a well-built man and Camelia was climbing grabbing his thick as tree trunk legs. On the out journey, she avoided to walk near Mihai. Gabi was a bit jealous and she didn”t want to upset her friend. Camelia knew she was very beautiful. She had thought about her colleague not to think it was a big deal. But now she didn”t care anymore. She just wanted to reach back home. Up, on the top of the mountain, Maria, Liviu”s wife had a nervous breakdown.
”Look what happened to us because we took begginers with us!
Tommorrow I will have classes at school, at 8 o”clock and I will be late, if we do not catch the first train, the Busteni Station. And I have a board meeting as well!”
”But it is our fault,said Mihai. This road was due to be with ropes.
For us, mountain climbers with experience, it was easy. We did not think about the others in the group. Next time we go we should be more careful.
Now, we were lucky nothing bad happened. I do not even want to think about what might happened.”
After staying half an hour outside in the snow, directly after the sun light, Camelia had a hypothermic shock and shook for a couple of minutes.
Same happened to Roland….Probably it was the shock after what happened.
Then they immediately got over it, at Maria”s shouts: ”Let”s move, fast!”
Camelia got over the road down the peak of the mountain following Michael”s thick legs, which she caught shaking, desperate, as if it was the only way through which she wouldn”t slip in any mysterious mountains steep.
”I will take care of you!” said tall Mihai. Camelia did not think that something dangerous could happened on the mountain. Something so wonderful like the mountain, she was thinking, could”t be dangerous. Even after the accident, seemed that all that happened to her was just a dream.
Only the injuries she had on the skin got her back to reality. Luckily she got her T-shirt before the falling. She wasn”t injured at any internal organ.
Only near the temple, a rock hit her a bit and a fine spring of blood was running down her face.
They got in the train and Camelia was very hungry. But it was only some bacon left. Usually, Camelia doesn”t eat bacon, but now she thaught it was so good. They finished all the bread as well. In the station, in Brasov, her mum and her sister were waiting for her.
”Camelia?! Did something happen to you? I had a hunch in the morning.” Her mum asked.
”No, no. Said Camelia fast. It was all alright.”
Camelia wanted to go again in another trips and that”s why she avoided telling the truth to her mother. When they arrived near the local hospital, Camelia told her mother in a slow voice:
”You know…mum…I fell a little bit on the mountain and I need a doctor to see me!”
At the emergencies, the young doctor smiled when he saw Camelia and said to her:”What are you doing here young lady? Did you got hurt again? You should”ve come with me. I would protected you. You wouldn”t have got hurt. If you did not accept my invitation to the spectacle look what happened to you!”
A night before, Camelia had washed a bottle with milk and the water had come with such pressure that both the thick bottle and the sink broke. Some pieces of glass got though in her leg and her mother told her to go to a hospital for an antitetanos. It was the same doctor there. Three days in a row something happened to Camelia. Just a night before she was in a car when, in the turning road to Radacau from the county hospital, a jeep almost teared the car apart.

“I went to the mountain and fell, said Camelia embarrassed to the doctor.”
He had to disinfect the wounds because the pebbles entered in the beck and arms. She was lucky that it wasn’t something serious….. “I told you not to go on the mountain , because it’s dangerous, said her mother.”
The next days, Camelia found out from Gabriela that Ronald told her that he fell after her to save her. He was a climber performance. There is however the possibility to fall, because he was with street shoes and these ones were falling in the snow. However, after his reaction it looked like he was the victim.But if she hadn’t met him at thetrain station, if Liviu hadn’t called also him on the mountain and if he hadn’t come, Camelia wouldn’t have tried – when he fell in the abyss – to stop and who knows what would have happened….. The ravine which they fell off had also a predestined name, “ The Devil’s Ravine”, because most of the people found their end in it, being a straight wall of rock, which began exactly where it stopped.
The next day, Camelia woke up like nothing special happened the day before. As usual, Camelia was walking on foot by the University, as she did when she was a student. She wasn’t planning to go with the trolley. She was leaving on the central bulevard and she was used to arrive fast in the centre of the city, where they were and the bodies of the universities. The route was so nice that made her dream.
She was entering in the lab. The sunlights were overflowing in the waterfall, by the giant windows that were occupying almost all the outer wall. In front, the tallest students in that year were sitting in the first place. She figure it out that they left intentionaly. Probably they found out that a person who have just finished college was coming. Camelia was younger than her students because she started school at five years old and a half and also because students went to the army before they started college. Fair hearly, supple, with the face of a doll, with big, black eyes and a small mouth, Camelia have always known that she have looked smaller than her age she had. In winter, she found a solution for this problem: she got dressed with her new coat, three quarters,with blac nutria and polar fox cap.
The course was on the second semestre, on the second year of college. During the seminar, they found that the advices of her coordunating teacher, Mr. Toia, were helpful for her. He told her to remember also the partial and final calculation results of the resolvet problems, inside of the coordinating seminar, in order to check the correcteness of solve.By that way she could also economy time and see immediately any mistake that a student has done at the blackboard. She knew that just the best ones elected this specialization, not to go through some any forgotten place in the world, because the governmental repairs were very goodfor the ones who were graduating this university – most of the jobs in the county!